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Missions Impact Report 4/17/2020

Missions Impact Report 4/17/2020

Thank you for your continued prayers for the missions field of Honduras. Your partnership with Harrell Family Missions & Children’s Gift Ministry is making a difference. In this update 75 families in poorer villages around San Pedro Sula who are struggling through the Covid-19 pandemic, received much needed basic provisions and the love of God. Among these families are single mothers, people who became unemployed due to the pandemic, older adults and people living in a place called Rio Blanco which is one of the poorest villages of the city. Teams who have ministered with us over the past 13 years know because they have visited this area where squatters have nowhere else to live but along this dirty river, in shacks with very little provisions in normal circumstances. But because of the government enforced curfews it has made it nearly impossible for these families to obtain the every day necessities. With your partnership we did what we could to help. Provisions delivered to families contained 5 lb beans, 5 lb rice, 5 lb sugar, a carton of eggs, 5 lbs flour, 1 1/2 lbs of vegetable oil, 2 rolls of toilet paper, 1 bottle of bleach, 2 bags of Azistín cleaner. While it may seem like a little, these 75 families are very grateful and wish to say thank you with all of their heart to those who cared enough to extend love to them in a tangible way, especially in such a time of desperate need.

Thank you again for your continued prayers for the people of Honduras, for your missionaries and for your generous support of Harrell Family Missions & Children’s Gift Ministry.


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