Backpack Program

Without School Supplies Children Cannot Attend School.

Many poor families in Honduras cannot afford the necessary school supplies required for their children to attend. Children who cannot attend school are easy victims for street gangs who get them hooked on drugs and use them to move their drugs as well as to commit extortion and murder.

 Your Partnership Is Making A Difference.
Generous partners, for just $10 apiece reach 30,000 children in over 200 locations annually all across Honduras. Since 2012 the program has reached over 110,000 children, rescuing them from street gang violence, in what has been called “The Murder Capital of the World.”  This is how you partnership is "Changing A Nation Through Education."


Please take the CGM Backpack Challenge and see how many children your group can reach!

Contact Children's Gift Ministry or download our Children's Gift Ministry Backpack Program informational brochure to learn more.

"Changing A Nation Through Education"

Be a part of what God is doing in Honduras!

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