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Kids Crusades

Our Children’s Gift Ministry team has years of experience organizing awesome Kid’s Crusades!

Whether it’s 200 – 300 in a local church, 500 – 1,000 in open air soccer field or 1,000 – 2,000 in a huge stadium – We can do it!!! From choosing the location, organizing local churches for the invitation of children, transportation, presentation with fun dramas, powerful skits, challenging message and powerful altar service – many accept Christ as their Savior and the same local churches that invited them intentionally follow-up providing discipleship for the entire family.


Join us to provide kids in the poorest areas of Honduras a ticket to a fun filled day of activities, games and lunch at a Kid’s Crusade. At each crusade we emphasize the importance of education and every child receives a brand new backpack filled with school supplies.


Over the past 3 years over 1,200 children have attended this event and 385 have confirmed accepting Jesus as their Savior. You can sponsor or spearhead the sponsorship of a Kid’s Crusade that will impact the eternal lives of children in Honduras.

"How great is the love of God!"

- Theme of CGM Kid's Crusades

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