Ministry Boxes

Connect compassion with children by sending a Children’s Gift Ministry Box filled with gift bags of humanitarian items, toys, school supplies and love from your church group, school, civic organization, business or family.


Every CGM gift bag is distributed during a children’s event. Once delivered, your group will be sent a personalized “Thank You” video showing the items you sent being given to the children. Click here to view over 100 such videos!

Partnering with the CGM to send a Children’s Gift Ministry Box to children in need is easy to do! Simply announce your project, pack you gift bags, place them into the box and ship them to Children’s Gift Ministry.

To learn more about what it entails, view the Children’s Gift Ministry Box instructional brochure. The 4 simple steps on the brochure and instructional video make it fun and fulfilling for Church Leaders, schools, civic organizations, businesses, families and individuals to do.

Contact Children's Gift Ministry or download our Children's Gift Ministry Box informational brochure to learn more. We would love to hear from you!

Be a part of what God is doing in Honduras!

Children's Gift Ministry

Meeting the physical and spiritual needs

of Honduras


Phone – H: 864-990-1850

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