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HUGE Evangelism Invasion Moskitia Trip. 200,000 Scripture Booklets / Outreach to 15 New Churches

Requesting Prayers for HUGE Evangelism Invasion Moskitia Trip. 200,000 Scripture Booklets / Outreach to 15 New Churches 23 Hrs. Into the Jungle. 250 juice boxes and packs of cookies for Children’s Evangelism Events. Please take time throughout the next few days to intercede for our Children’s Gift Ministry team that departs tomorrow, Nov. 23, at 3am from the CGM warehouse for a 23 Hr. trip via land and boat into the interior of the Moskitia jungle.These scripture booklets in the language of the indigenous peoples of the Moskitia may be the only written Word of God that these people have ever seen!

Also — From a violent tragedy, to a fruitful opportunity. The recent

murder of Honduran Pastor Ismael Cedillo in front of his 9 yr. old daughter while dropping her off at school has broken all our hearts. Especially those of 15 Pastors of churches that Pastor Ismael planted in the southern region of the Moskitia. With the blessing of the Superintendent of the Assemblies of God of Honduras, Harrell Family Missions and our Children’s Gift Ministry Team has an unprecedented opportunity and privilege of offering comfort to these churches who have lost their leader, as well as extending an invitation to enter the Fellowship and covering of the Assemblies of God

of Honduras. Our first concern is their comfort and encouragement, therefore all 15 Pastors and their wives are being invited to a luncheon, transportation provided, on Sunday, November 24th, where each family will receive a “Canasta Básica” or a Gift Box of basic items, rice, beans, flour, sugar, oil, etc and each woman will receive a special gift for her home. Thank you for praying for God’s presence and favor for this trip, during this special reunion and for these beloved Pastors.

To God be the glory for this great initiative, for those who are making it possible - together, we are God’s Missions Team to the peoples of Honduras! 

Love and prayers from the Harrell family ❤️🙏

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